Citrus Honey Glazed Curried Carrots

These honey citrus curried carrots are sweet like candy, with an array of comforting spices and perfect for a dinner side dish. Paleo + Vegan

A delicious side dish bursting with flavor! These citrus honey glazed curried carrots are perfect for any meal. Vegetarian + Paleo.




  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Wash and pat dry carrots. Line carrots on a parchment-lined baking sheet and coat lightly with oil
  3. Place into the oven and set timer for 45 minutes
  4. As carrots are roasting, start making the glaze by juicing one Sumo Citrus and add the juice,  honey, olive oil, curry powder, and cinnamon into a small pot
  5. Combine the arrowroot powder an water in a small bowl. Mix and set aside
  6. Bring the pot to a simmer over medium-high heat. Remove from the heat and pour in the arrowroot mixture. Whisk vigorously until sauce thickens
  7. Once carrots are finished roasting (you may need an additional 5-10 minutes, depending on size of carrots and oven) pour the glaze over the carrots and serve immediately